Attic Cleaning Service in Los Angeles

We are the best in attic cleaning because of our level of expertise and experience. We have a team of passionate professionals that seek to change and redefine the experience in your home by removing damaged parts and replacing with proper and durable materials.


Besides a rigorous interview to ensure each of our staff members represents the company image and shares with the company goals, we take them through a month’s training. While experience is often an added advantage in our recruitment process, we do not assume. We have unique working policies hence the need to induct each new employee to our system. We believe in working as a team where we share goals and values. These can only be achieved through training as part of the induction process.


Our cleaning services cover both industrial and residential areas.  As long as you are in Los Angeles, we know when to clean and how to handle the attic. Most of our staff members are residents in the state hence well acquainted with climate and challenges with buildings.  We undertake a survey to determine any need for specific equipment or expertise on the cleaning process. Our services are customized based on the type of attic and customer preferences.


We have worked with uncountable clients in Los Angeles for at least five years. Every day is a busy day for us with respect to attic cleaning. Our consistency ensures our staff is familiar with all challenges associated with attic cleaning. We are rarely surprised in the middle of a task because we come with all equipment prepared for any eventuality based on experience. While we recruit regularly to increase our task force to match increasing demand, we only send experienced staff to customers. We don’t take customers for granted; the fact that you have chosen to work with us means a lot. We focus on permanent solutions.

We understand how cluttered and dark attics can affect your lifestyle. Most people put up an attic on home design to enhance the image. However, continuous exposure to adverse weather conditions and poor maintenance undermines the beauty aspect and this is where we come in. We come to restore the image and value of your home. Attic cleanliness has everything to do with your family’s health; we take the job seriously considering it also affects your focus on work.

Our services

Cleaning the attic is only a part of our services. We use both dry and wet techniques depending on the construction materials. Also, you do not have to wait to see rodents or any kind of pests to call us for help. We do regular inspection on attics to prevent any further damage that might cost you more if it stays unattended. Our team of experts also conducts attic insulation, especially if you are in a location with extreme temperatures. After cleaning and insulation, we decontaminate the attic as a prevention measure for future infestation. Our last process is attic sealing as a permanent solution.  

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