Rodent Proofing Service in Los Angeles

Rodent infestation is an irritating phenomenon in your home. It is not only embarrassing when you have visitors around but also a menace and total setback to your wellbeing. Whenever there are noises in your ceiling especially when you want to sleep in the night, you probably have rodents in your attic. Another possible indicator is indentations in the wood, which are probably caused by nibbling rodents. Rodent feces will probably appear next and you will be sure you are playing host to an extended family of intruders. This is where we come in so make sure you give us a call and let us handle it for you. We have specialized equipment and personnel with the experience and responsibility to rid them quickly and safely.

How we keep your attic rodent proof

Our first step in the war against proofing your house is to find where the little pests are getting their way in. These little animals can force their way through the smallest of openings into your attic. All they need is fit their head into an opening and the rest of their body will follow suit. This means we have to find every hole possible regardless of the size. Finding the entry point is a daunting task but our team of experts is skilled enough to fish the secret entry points of rodents. Often, the rodents burrow through the insulation and widen the holes eventually. Some of the coins are as small as a coin, and you can easily miss them. Other holes may require complete re-installation of the insulation. The rodents are determined to have their way so plugging the hole with simple material will not be a long term solution. We, therefore, offer advice in covering vents in the attic for effective elimination of the rodents. You will find them easily squeezing through the spacious vents.

Wet racking the entry points

Our team of experts in rodent ridding is highly trained in their job. It means they know exactly what to look for to solve the problem. They search for the slightest clues you might miss such as damaged woods in the attic as evidence for rats and mice. The hidden holes are the tricky part of the job, as the rodents may use the insulation material to build their nests. Any damaged insulation should not be assumed away but can be evidence of mice action. We also fish out their nests to eliminate their comfort zones.

The importance of this process

Apart from stealing your food, rodents are dirty and will thwart your efforts to improve your hygiene. They carry viruses, which cause a high risk of harm to your family. It will be a matter of time before you get infected with problematic issues. Once they arrive, they will multiply quickly and move into the walls and other areas of your home. Rodents are known to be very destructive too, starting with the insulation where they get in and proceeding to your drywall and wiring. Do not be surprised when they begin to get into your kitchen and contaminating your food.

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